Sub Soiler


  1. Sub-soiler is primary tillage deep plough working up to 55 cm depth approx.
  2. To ensure development of crop root system of proper depth and environment.
  3. The subsoiler increase natural fertility of soil as deep tillage provides enough circulation of air , moisture and sunlight into soil.
  4. It is an inexpensive implement and it provided a simple and economical way to obtain boosting crop yield.
  5. Depth can be adjusted by leg hole & top links .
  6. Shear bolt protection available in all sub soiler.
  7. Adjustable width of ploughing available for sub-soiler.


image 1
Description 1 Tyne Sub Soiler 2 Tyne Sub Soiler 3 Tyne Sub Soiler
Main  Frame Size  mm BOX Frame 100x100
Type Mounting Three Point Hitch Linkage (Cat II)"
Overall length,mm 860 860 860
Overall Width,mm 850 1340 1450
Overall Height,mm 1470 1470 1470
Weight (Kg) 165 225 300
Recommended Tractor Power HP 45-55 55-65 65-80
Working Depth range .mm 550 (Depends On soil moisture and field condition)
Tyne Size mm 150x25 (High carbon)