Post Hole Digger


  1. Post Hole Digger is a PTO driven machine that digs holes in rows on equal distances mechanically and economically. It is best suited for tree plantation. It can Also be used for making for electric poles and farm hedges.
  2. It is a PTO driven implement it is fastest method to dig hole in farm land.
  3. Removed soil will be placed around the pit which becomes easy to fill the pit back after plantation or erection work done.
  4. It has robust structure to ensure and excellent performance to the user.
  5. We replace auger with same frame s per 6,9,12,18,24,36 inches  hole diameter required.
  6. Its heavy-duty gearbox encapsulates a best-in-class crown-pinion which provides a high output RPM to the auger blade.


image 1
Description Specification
Frame Heavy Duty Rectangular pipe
Three Point Linkage Category-2
Gear Box Compatible with 55 Hp max, With ratio 3:1 Ratio
Out Put Shaft 2" (50mm)
Input rpm 540
PTO Regular
Auger length (APPOX) 40"
Auger Size 6" 9" 12" 18" 24" 36"
Weight (Approx.) 133 142 148 179 215 256
Tractor Power (Hp) 35-Above 50 (Above)