Bhansali Trailors Pvt. Ltd. has specialty in the field of manufacturing Agricultural Implements &Trailors:


  • We have good capacity and good quality of manufacturing Agricultural Implements &Trailors.
  • We have manufacturing Agricultures Implements &Trailors with Jigs Fixture.
  • The maximum welding is by (MIG) welding.
  • We have Stoving booth for painting.
  • We use PU paints for better look & to avoid corrosion for export purpose.
  • We have Catalogues for spare parts of Trailors & Agricultural Implements, required for order of spare parts.
  • C.N.C. – Facility for machining.
  • Automatic Transport Pre-Treatment Plant. With Paint Shop for painting of Agricultural Implements &Trailors.

Machinery Plant I

  • C.N.C. Profile Cutting Machine.
  • Paint Shop with Conveyer
  • Lathe Machine
  • Co2 (MIG) Welding Machine
  • ARC welding Machine

Machinery Plant II

  • Radial & Pillar type drill Machine
  • Shearing Machine
  • Press Machine
  • Three Painting oven
  • Screw Compressor & Reciprocating

Machinery Plant III

  • Hydraulic Press Motor Operated
  • Power Press
  • Universal Cut Master
  • CNC Lathe Machine
  • VMC Machine